Travel and Photography – A Pair those Travelers Can’t Enjoy Without the Other


One travels to get close to a famous landscape, meet people, and learn culture and customs and history. In order to document the adventure, a traveler takes photos. This is how travel photography came to be. This genre of photography results to travel photos.

What are travel photos?

Travel photos are defined as images that express the feeling of a time or place. It also includes people, and culture in natural state. Travelers, after discovering the joys of photography usually turned into a travel photographer. Because they travel a lot and had been into many awesome destinations, some have specialized in particular aspect of photography such as travel portraits and documentary. Most of the travel photos taken by ordinary travelers are in low light and the shooting conditions are mostly in controllable conditions.

Sharing photos into sites

Travelers take much time in taking photos not only for souvenirs and keepsakes but for reasons of sharing. With social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, an ordinary traveler makes sure his photos are instagram-worth or something that would elicit more “Likes” in Facebook or that goes viral. Instagram is a photo-sharing site that inspires and drives travelers to take photos of their adventures and share it to their friends and followers. With travel photos shared in Instagram, users get ideas and inspirations for their next vacation. Most of the photos shared in Instagram are travel related and inspiring others to visit the places. It is a site where people with same interest such as travel and photography connect and enjoy a lot of opportunity to talk. Instagram is also a visual platform and helps people learn more about photo editing, exposures and other photography techniques. Being in like-community, travelers are encouraged to push themselves harder in taking more impressive travel photos. Travelers using Instagram get earning opportunities as well especially when they have large followers. They get offers to promote hotels in particular destinations, the destination itself and tour packages. Travelers venturing in becoming a pro travel photographer use Instagram as a way of showing off their works to people around the world and get work opportunities. On the other hand, travelers use Facebook in sharing their travel photos. Facebook is a community-like where people react, share, and connect and travel photos are widely shared and elicit “likes” and positive reactions. It is said that everything people do now are shared in Facebook and traveler’s photos’ first destination is a Facebook account.

Taking beautiful photos while traveling need not to have an impressive camera. With a great number of smartphones having great camera features, traveling and photography becomes one. Travelers take photos of great destinations, a beautiful landscape and create feelings through photography techniques. Without photos to show off, any travel adventure becomes dull and forgettable. It is the reverse when a travel is documented with photos no matter how amateurish the photo shooter is. It is well-remembered and most of the time inspiring others to visit places and become a traveler, too. Travel and photography is now a pair that one can’t enjoy without the other.

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Travel and Photography - A Pair those Travelers Can’t Enjoy Without the Other, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating